Why AmniCheck™?

No more confusion & uncertainty!
No more unnecessary trips to the hospital!

When you’re pregnant and your water breaks, it can happen a lot of different ways. For some, it’s a giant gush, but often, it’s a slow leak. In fact, only 1 in 10 women will experience a dramatic gush of fluid.*

Leaking fluid can be confused with urine or other discharge, and until now, women couldn’t test at home.  Your doctor may have you monitor at home, or come to the hospital to be checked. And trust us, there’s nothing more annoying than going all the way to the hospital to find out it was NOT amniotic fluid!

* Source: American Pregnancy Association

How it Works

About Us

Hi! I’m Jenn. I’m a mom, just like you.

Towards the end of my first pregnancy, I was not-so-patiently waiting for any sign of labor – especially that giant “gush” that would happen in the movies.

When I suspected my water might have been leaking on Christmas Day, the doctor told me to come to the hospital. After a long wait but quick test, they told me it wasn’t amniotic fluid and I wasn’t in labor. After missing holiday celebrations and paying an expensive hospital co-pay for them to just send me home – it made me wonder – why couldn’t I do this at home?!

A week later, the same thing happened again – but this time the doctor admitted me because it WAS, in fact, my water leaking. I was shocked how similar it looked the week before – so much so that I almost didn’t bother calling, for fear of wasting time and money again.

Fast forward to today – two babies later – I learned that so many women deal with this problem – texting their friends and pictures of their soaked underwear asking for advice (“Is this it?!”), taking precious unpaid leave to get tested at the hospital, or ‘waiting it out’ too long.

I developed AmniCheck™ so pregnant women like you can be assured from the comfort of your own home.

Jenn Lovell


Even though my water broke with contractions, I still questioned if it was “it” or not. When I called the emergency line, she asked if I was sure, but I wasn’t. I wish I had something like AmniCheck™ to help me know for sure.

Mom to Julian & Reyan

As a first time mom, I read a ton, but still had NO clue what to expect. The morning before I had my son I thought I had a slow amniotic leak. My doctor didn’t believe me, but turns out I was right! AmniCheck™ would have saved me a lot of frantic Googling and unnecessary stress.

Mom to Kiran & Aria

I created AmniCheck™ because I didn’t want moms to have to go through what I did – an expensive false alarm in the hospital on Christmas Day – all for a quick swab that should have been available for at-home use!

Jenn, founder of AmniCheck™
Mom to Eddie & Liv Eloise

I could have gotten to the hospital much sooner – in hindsight, my water definitely broke the night before I went to the hospital, but I didn’t realize it. Now that I’m pregnant with my second, I’ll definitely keep AmniCheck™ on hand so I’m better prepared this time.

Mom to Mackenzie