Frequently Asked Questions

When you are pregnant and your “water breaks,” your body may leak amniotic fluid. In some circumstances, a pregnant woman may also leak urine or other bodily fluids which can cause uncertainty and concern. By testing this fluid quickly, a pregnant woman now has the ability to test these circumstances at home.

AmniCheck™ uses the same technology that doctors and hospitals often use to detect if vaginal leaking is due to amniotic fluid or not.

Any time you suspect your water may have broken in the second or third trimester.

You may get a false positive reading and/or inaccurate result if:

  • You have been taking medicine or dietary supplement that may change urine pH (such as drugs containing azo dyes).

  • You are taking drugs containing acetazolamide, potassium citrate, and sodium bicarbonate which can raise your pH level greatly; possibly > 8.0

  • Vaginal infections, douching, other medications or ointments can also affect or mask the results of this test.

  • Ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, and some very rare medical conditions can give misleading results.

  • Blood and semen can impact the results of this test. Do not use within 12 hours of sexual intercourse.

  • Always consult your doctor if your results are unclear.

AmniCheck™ Water Break Detection Test provides a 99% accurate color match test while utilizing the test kit according to the specific instructions. The diagnostic patch has been tested for advanced quality assurance criteria.

  • You may have not captured enough fluid sample on the swab.

  • You may not have applied the sample directly to the middle of the diagnostic patch.

  • Do not try and reuse the test. Open up a new test kit, follow instructions closely, obtain another vaginal fluid sample, and test again.

  • For your results to be ‘Positive’ the diagnostic patch must closely match one of the colors on the left side of the color wheel within 5 seconds of performing the test.

  • For your results to be clearly ‘Negative’ the diagnostic patch must turn into one of the colors on the right side of the color wheel within 5 seconds of performing the test.

  • Always consult your doctor if you are unsure of your result.

Your results should become evident within 5 seconds of applying the swab to the diagnostic patch.

Typically the results will last for a couple minutes but will change over time. Please note the color results within 5 seconds is the best color sample to compare. If more than 5 minutes have passed, the color of the diagnostic patch may change due to evaporation of the liquid.

If your color result is Positive, call and consult your physician or local hospital immediately.

If your color result is Negative, this means that no amniotic fluid was detected. You should continue to monitor your condition.